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QuickLog timeslot system in logistics, part 1

QuickLog timeslot system in logistics, part 1

When shall my lorry be unloaded?

I don"t know, wait patiently.. 

The question was asked many times that day. The answer we could give is the worst possible, which no one wants to hear as a driver. Keeping a person in uncertainty is the worst possible thing we can do. If we had a timeslot system, this answer would sound like this:

We will pick up your goods at the time booked in the timeslot system. 

Right how much more reassuring is the answer that way? The driver also calms down, howeverin addition, there are many advantages of using our time booking system. Below I list some that life has brought:

  • Terminating congestion, no penalty has to be paid, everyone stays calm:

Countless times it happens that the trucks are congested at certain times of the day, and the waiting time for the trucks will be long. This could be a very good answer, a QuickLog is an online appointment booking system that only allows free appointments can book shipments, one after the other in a queue, pre-set based on a system of rules.

  • Labor smoothing

In our online appointment booking system, reservations can be seen in advance in the calendar, therefore the warehouse labor demand can be well distributed, it can be regrouped, holidays can be allocated appropriately to depending on reservations.

  • Document upload

After we have unloaded the goods in the correct order, they must be earned in our corporate management system, at the "receipt zone". During earning we can come across a lot of documentation which we can upload for one reservation in our online timeslot system, preserving them this way.

  • Tracking

Each shipment can be precisely tracked within our timeslot system this way. When was it registered, when was the delivery made, delayed/ arrived on time / was here earlier states can be indicated. We can write comments for each reservation, we may enter the exact license plate number. We can mark urgent materials within the system if the shipment may has priority.

Freighters arriving randomly

Freighters arriving randomly

Queuing up trucks causes a lot of trouble and headaches?

Is your warehouse characterized by periodic overload? Conflicts result from the fact that it is impossible to know which truck arrived earlier, which one has priority?
Our QuickLog online timeslot system provides a unique solution for tracking and optimizing deliveries.

Our logistics software is characterized by a clean, user-friendly interface and ease of use.

Your freighters/partners can log in on a clean online interface after a quick registration, and can book an appointment for their deliveries without any extra rounds. Online appointment booking is based on pre-set parameters, as is most suitable for the warehouse. These parameters can be changed at any time to adapt to the current conditions.

Even if there are slippages and delays, the workforce will still be smoothed out
since there is a high chance that the order of the trucks can even be changed in the event of a delay. (For the next truck that pulls in instead of the late truck, thus swapping them.)

In the case of a time-based reservation, if, for example, a transport vehicle is late that cannot exercise the right to a penalty,
and the driver will also wait more patiently.
The transport organizer also has an easier job, since he or she knows exactly when the transport vehicle will arrive thanks to the timeslot system.

QuickLog timeslot system - EKÁER number

QuickLog timeslot system - EKÁER number

QuickLog timeslot system - EKÁER number EKÁER number The goal of the system introduced on January 1, 2015 is to strengthen the position of law-abiding market participants, make the flow of goods more transparent, exclude abuses related to food that endanger human health, and curb so-called "fraudulent" tax behavior related to shipping. QuickLog timeslot system – Making of an EKÁER number We also have the option of creating an automatic EKÁER number for the QuickLog timeslot. The EKÁER number is created after the date has been selected. The date reservation is made in the timeslot system by an employee of your shipping/supplier partner, thus saving you money and time. In order to prepare the EKÁER number on the NAV system, it is necessary to accurately know and enter a number of data related to the goods. However, our software also simplifies this process. QuickLog is able to identify individual items and goods based on a unique identifier, and request the EKÁER number in the background. Only one request remained unanswered regarding the brief description of the process, how items and goods with a unique identifier are loaded into the system's database. Through the data interface, QuickLog accepts the Excel table you have compiled, which contains the unique identifiers and all the necessary information for the goods to request an EKÁER number. This minimizes the possibility of human error. Advantages - The freight forwarder's employee makes the appointment and requests the EKÁER number - At any time of the day, the supplier can change the license plate numbers, the weight of the goods, and the list of products associated with the reservation without your cooperation. - QuickLog monitors possible errors and sends a summary report to the specified e-mail address if it finds a discrepancy between the data in EKÁER and its own database. - The QuickLog timeslot notifies you when the expiration date of an active EKÁER number is approaching. How does this happen step by step? 1. Loading the goods and items with a unique identifier into the database. 2. When booking an appointment, the freight forwarder's employee just types the unique identifier in the appropriate field, and the system automatically fills in the necessary fields. 3. Based on the specified unique identifier and pallet number, the system calculates the duration of loading and offers possible free times. 4. The freight forwarder's employee selects the date suits him. 5. The appointment and the EKÁER number have been completed. The QuickLog timeslot system helps you make maximum use of the opportunities offered by IT and thereby increase the efficiency of your company.

Trucksarrival System: Effective Solution in Logistics Processes

Trucksarrival System: Effective Solution in Logistics Processes


In the logistics industry, efficiency and punctuality are vital. The Trucksarrival System is an innovative solution that enables the smooth loading and unloading of shipments, as well as the quick and efficient movement of goods in warehouses and distribution centers. This technological development offers significant benefits to logistics companies while minimizing delays and errors in shipping processes.
Operation method of the Trucksarrival System:
The Trucksarrival System is a software-based solution that automates and optimizes the arrival and serving of trucks in logistics centers. The registration numbers of the arriving trucks, the shipment type and other relevant informations are pre-recorded. The arrival system detects incoming trucks and directs the them to the appropriate dock or unloading area - based on the incoming data.


Time saving: The Trucksarrival System enables quick and efficient loading and unloading, minimizing waiting time and reducing delays in the shipping process. This improves the efficiency of the entire logistics chain.
Accuracy and precision: Based on the pre-recorded information, the system precisely determines the correct route and service location of the trucks. This reduces potential human error and increases data accuracy.

Timeslot System

Timeslot System

Efficient truck handling in warehouses

The Timeslot system is a revolutionary innovation in logistics processes, especially in warehouses and logistics centres. The aim of this system is to optimise the arrival and unloading of trucks, thereby reducin wasting time and maximising efficiency.

Speeding up truck handling processes

The Timeslot system is an intelligent solution that allows warehouse staff to accurately monitor truck arrivals, loading and unloading processes. As a result, time loss is minimised and the warehouse workflow is optimised.

Real-time Data and Monitoring

The Timeslot system provides real-time data on truck arrivals, loadings, unloadings and movements on site. This provides warehouse management with accurate and up-to-date information, enabling rapid decision-making and more efficient use of resources.