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In today's modern warehouse, all processes
are regulated and measurable in numbers, and the
Quicklog time gate system is an excellent tool for this.
Based on the loading rules defined by you,
QuickLog calculates the loading time and offers the most
optimal times for the warehouse to the supplier, from which you can choose.
Quicklog's built-in reports will help you measure efficiency and results.
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The Quicklog time slot system offers you a complete solution, without purchasing hardware, servers or other expensive equipment, which makes your loading efficient, planable and traceable.

AAdmin interface

It provides employees working in the warehouse with access to the data, modification and deletion of loads. You can easily download Excel tables from the data available in the system database.

Supplier interface

It gives your suppliers access to the system. After logging in, the carrier's employee can make an appointment or change the data of previously registered loads without your assistance.

The advantages of the time slot system in logistics


Data safety



Customization of the online time slot system to individual needs is possible with the help of the following modules.

Shift management module

You can set whether the given shift can receive a truck according to your human and mechanical resources


Chat module

You can have a conversation with your colleagues and suppliers.


Truck calling module

You can easily direct the trucks on site to the appropriate loading location.


Visitor access control module

The employee performing the concierge service can record the exit and entry of visitors to the site in the system.


Document repository module

It is possible for the supplier and the administrator to upload documents in PDF, Excel, JPG format for each data sheet.


Data interface

With the help of the interface, the time slotsystem is able to receive data related to the goods to be exported or delivered. (supplier details, product name, weight...)


Entry module

The two-step entry control module is ideal for sites without parking. Two states can be defined: not present on site, present on site.


Entry module

The three-step access control module can be used effectively at sites with parking lots. Three states can be defined: not present at the site, located in the parking lot, located at the site.


Bank card payment interface

The time slot system can provide payment options to the supplier.


Delivery management module

With the help of the delivery module, it is possible to schedule loading points where both unloading and loading take place.


EKÁER module

Using the data received via the interface, the time slot system claim an EKÁER number, taking into account the legal requirements


QuickLog billing interface

After payment, the system automatically issues the invoice to the supplier.



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