Timelsot system software

Timelsot system software

Quicklog - the best of timelsot systems

QuickLog is an online timeslot system software, inwhich your partners may login to an online surface and have the possibility to reserve a date to their inbound or outbound deliveries.


Filled in by Supplier

Filled in by the Supplier firm so the admin has no further tasks with it.



You may view and handle your reservations in a manageable and simple calendar.


User friendly

Easy to handle and user friendly admin and supplier surfaces.

Joint teamwork with all actors in the supply chain

The business partners and the suppliers of Yours and also the departments within the company such as the warehouse, logistics, porters' lodge and the quality assurance have the possibility to work together within our timeslot software.

QuickLog timeslot system software supply chain

Any set of rules may be set for booking.

Free capacity based time allocation

Decreased number of awaiting vehicles

Document upload for shipments within the timeslot system.