QuickLog timeslot system in logistics, part 1

QuickLog timeslot system in logistics, part 1

When shall my lorry be unloaded?

I don"t know, wait patiently.. 

The question was asked many times that day. The answer we could give is the worst possible, which no one wants to hear as a driver. Keeping a person in uncertainty is the worst possible thing we can do. If we had a timeslot system, this answer would sound like this:

We will pick up your goods at the time booked in the timeslot system. 

Right how much more reassuring is the answer that way? The driver also calms down, howeverin addition, there are many advantages of using our time booking system. Below I list some that life has brought:

  • Terminating congestion, no penalty has to be paid, everyone stays calm:

Countless times it happens that the trucks are congested at certain times of the day, and the waiting time for the trucks will be long. This could be a very good answer, a QuickLog is an online appointment booking system that only allows free appointments can book shipments, one after the other in a queue, pre-set based on a system of rules.

  • Labor smoothing

In our online appointment booking system, reservations can be seen in advance in the calendar, therefore the warehouse labor demand can be well distributed, it can be regrouped, holidays can be allocated appropriately to depending on reservations.

  • Document upload

After we have unloaded the goods in the correct order, they must be earned in our corporate management system, at the "receipt zone". During earning we can come across a lot of documentation which we can upload for one reservation in our online timeslot system, preserving them this way.

  • Tracking

Each shipment can be precisely tracked within our timeslot system this way. When was it registered, when was the delivery made, delayed/ arrived on time / was here earlier states can be indicated. We can write comments for each reservation, we may enter the exact license plate number. We can mark urgent materials within the system if the shipment may has priority.