Freighters arriving randomly

Freighters arriving randomly

Queuing up trucks causes a lot of trouble and headaches?

Is your warehouse characterized by periodic overload? Conflicts result from the fact that it is impossible to know which truck arrived earlier, which one has priority?
Our QuickLog online timeslot system provides a unique solution for tracking and optimizing deliveries.

Our logistics software is characterized by a clean, user-friendly interface and ease of use.

Your freighters/partners can log in on a clean online interface after a quick registration, and can book an appointment for their deliveries without any extra rounds. Online appointment booking is based on pre-set parameters, as is most suitable for the warehouse. These parameters can be changed at any time to adapt to the current conditions.

Even if there are slippages and delays, the workforce will still be smoothed out
since there is a high chance that the order of the trucks can even be changed in the event of a delay. (For the next truck that pulls in instead of the late truck, thus swapping them.)

In the case of a time-based reservation, if, for example, a transport vehicle is late that cannot exercise the right to a penalty,
and the driver will also wait more patiently.
The transport organizer also has an easier job, since he or she knows exactly when the transport vehicle will arrive thanks to the timeslot system.